Digital Bidet FONTANA BAS25-AMY


High Satisfaction.

The intelligent invention for personal hygiene comes with twin cleaning nozzle, ergonomic seat and air dryer functions specially designed for comfort and easy experience.

  • Wide Water Stream
  • Air + Water Stream Nozzle Movement
  • Plus Water Stream
  • Self-Sterilisation System
  • Remote Control
  • Sophisticated Design
  • Ergonomic Seat


Specifications :

Power Consumption Max 850W
Filter MF Filter
Water Flow Front Cleansing 0.62 L/min
Rear Cleansing 0.62 L/min
Power Consumption  Warm Water

Warm Air Drying

Heated Seat




Seat Temperature 4 Levels
Dryer Temperature 4 Levels
Water Pressure Control 5 Levels
Dimensions Width 412mm
Height 161mm
Depth 534mm
Net Weight 4.5kg
Price Outright RM2,900
Monthly Rental RM90